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Special Guest: WAVVES

Do  18.11.
Doors: 20:00h / Start: 21:00h
  • Vorverkauf: 15.- € zzgl. Vvkgeb.


Singer/axe strummer Walter Schreifels was the driving force behind the highly influential late 80’s New York hardcore group Gorilla Biscuits, whose album Start Today sold well over 100,000 copies on their debut indie release. He also lent his guitar and bass skills to many other groups from that scene, including straight edge heroes Youth of Today. Feeling that it was time to break out of the "punk box" chord progression he formed Quicksand in the early 90’s, and some say this band was responsible for launching a whole new music scene. With two albums released from Quicksand, Schreifels went on to produce the successful CIV debut album for Atlantic records, as well as producing a release from Hot Water Music for his label Some Records. His demos and side projects are often highly sought after items on the World Wide Web, and rumor has it, there are Gorilla Biscuits and Quicksand tribute albums in the works. If you followed his wizardry, you would find, similar to the way you might find hidden rations in a heated game of Dungeons and Dragons, that Rival Schools is Schreifels unconscious way of giving the music world yet again something refreshing.