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Next year it's 20 years since Seigmen visited Germany. Finally it's time to do it again!

When Seigmen emerged in the early nineties, they sounded like nothing else in the Norwegian band flora. They mastered the brutality of the emerging black metal bands, but without ever letting the energy get in the way of the melody. For five years Seigmen dominated Norwegian Rock and started to build a solid following abroad, before they suddenly disbanded on the hight of their career in 1999.

In 1994 Seigmen released both “Hjernen er Alene” EP and the album “total”. Seigmen built a solid name for themselves through the releases and extensive touring, and it really took off when the follow-up “Metropolis” hit the shelves in 1995. Both the album and the first single by the same name topped the charts and went platinum.

After the next album “Radiowaves” Seigmen embarked on two major and successful European tours in 1998, first as support for Paradise Lost and then together with The Gathering and Lacuna Coil. The future looked bright for Seigmen, but it was not to be. Guitarist Sverre wanted to quit due to personal reasons, and the rest of the band decided to honor their “One for all, all for one” credo. Radiowaves turned out to be their final album and after a sold out farewell-tour in 1999, it was all over.

In 2015, 18 years after “Radiowaves”, Seigmen surprised everybody with the release of a new studio album. They have kept it going since then and they have now finally agreed to return to Germany, exactly 20 years after their last visit!

Seigmen have always been a fantastic live band, and they still possess the magic on stage, as the reports below shows:

A raw demonstration of power from Seigmen
“…oh my god, what a punch, what a sound and what a band! Close to 8000 in the audience sang along to Seigmens songs” (9/10 Eskil Olaf Vestre, Malakoff festival, Norway)

An experience that gave me never ending goosebumps
“…”Boys don´t cry”? It´s bullshit, I saw several… (6/6, gaffa,no, Slottsfjell festival)

Catchy and groovy
“Oh my, it was great to hear Seigmen again (…) They nailed the victory in a masterly fashion with ”Döderlein and ”Hjernen er alene” at the end. (5 on the dice, The paper Nordland about Parkenfestivalen)

The audience was extatic. It was a raw display of power from beginning to end! (…) There is a distinct feeling that this must be among the best ever performance by a norwegian band on any stage. You must search long and well for a clearer top mark! (10/10, about the concerts in the Norwegian opera 2008)

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