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CMAT today releases her second album, the much-anticipated “abstract break-up record” 'Crazymad, For Me', via AWAL Recordings. The sensational 12-track record - “Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf for the girls”, according to CMAT - has already received a number of outstanding reviews from the likes of (add names). It follows a period of rapid growth for the Irish star, fuelled by a stellar run of singles in 2023: Have Fun!, Whatever’s Inconvenient, Where Are Your Kids Tonight? (ft John Grant) and Stay For Something.

CMAT on Crazymad, For Me: “It is actually really and truly just a break-up album. It is an album telling the story of a breakup that I needed to tell the story of to myself, and so now I guess everyone else gets to benefit from the red hot gossip littered throughout this record. It is a serious piece of work though, and realistically took like six years of percolating around my head to come to the conclusion that the album makes - which is that time and perspective warps events, and there is no point to suffering. It all sounds a bit dour but it is fun stuff, I promise!

“I tried to make it like Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf for the girls, and I probably failed, but we landed somewhere nice and different anyways. I really hope that everyone enjoys these 12 miraculous bangers, and that at least 20% of 19-year-olds who listen to this record break up with their significant others. Then, my job will be done.”
The album arrives with the astonishing single California, the album’s gorgeous, sweeping opener that is perhaps her most ambitious recording to date. Like the bulk of the album, it was produced by Matias Tellez in Bergen in early 2023. ‘California’ - debuted live in Los Angeles last week - is accompanied by a unique one-take video from James Slater.

CMAT on California: "It’s a song about a relationship that ended a long time ago, and the fact that I was really worried about seeming dramatic because a lot of the time women are made to feel bad about feeling sad about things, about caring about things too much. I had this vision of me releasing this album about this one relationship and all my old friends being like ‘that’s so embarrassing, why is she still talking about it’, all that kind of thing. I just find it interesting that you’re not allowed to feel sad about things without being considered a drama queen. So I kind of doubled down on it, not only do I still feel bad about it, not only am I feeling dramatic about it, but I’m actually going to make a very great piece of art about it" The album follows a busy year for CMAT, aka Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson: a breakout Glastonbury moment on the Woodsies stage, followed by a solo acoustic number post-Elton John on the BBC’s live coverage; a Spotify billboard in Times Square; two huge outdoor supports to Florence and the Machine, a debut appearance on Never Mind The Buzzcocks
and her first festival headline at Otherside in her native Ireland, plus festivals across the UK and Europe. She’s also confirmed to make her live UK TV debut on the new season of Jools Holland on BBC2 in the coming weeks.

As CMAT and her band prepare for a 12-date headline UK and Ireland run - which includes a sold out Shepherd’s Bush in London and an incredible four Olympia in her hometown of Dublin - CMAT today announces an extensive run of EU and US dates in 2024, and a massive Fairview Park headliner in Dublin in June of next year. Tickets for these dates go on sale on Friday Oct 20 at 10am

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