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„Zeuge aus Licht Tour 2024"
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A crowded nightclub. Shrill beats echo through the foggy room, rich synths waft across the space. Suddenly, a sad trumpet sound fills the dancefloor like a ghost: welcome to the world of DIE SELEKTION.

Heavy-hearted but hopeful trumpet melodies, German lyrics that make you question your past and future once again, synthesizer sounds in the great tradition of heroes like Depeche Mode, DAF or Nitzer Ebb, combined with hard-hitting drum machines – this forms the base for DIE SELEKTION’s self-proclaimed Prosecco Wave world.

After thirteen years of shared band history, three studio albums, a number of singles, EPs and dozens of live shows in over 23 countries worldwide, the bandmembers Luca Gillian, Hannes Rief, Samuel Savenberg and Max Rieger turned DIE SELEKTION into an influential band that manages to bring both goth kids and techno fans onto the same dancefloor with a unique blend of Synth-Pop and Electronic Body Music.

Arrived in 2024, the masters of Prosecco Wave are finally back with their third studio album ZEUGE AUS LICHT (released in September, 2023), the quartet (which however performs as a duo live) releases a new studio record into the wild and throws a rave on the ruins of the present, somewhere between the apocalypse and the rampant insanity of our times. The news songs expand the sound of the band with an almost casual, elegant diversity. Every single component shines, and an understanding of what makes pop really pop comes through that adds a knowing, ironic glitter to the black nihilism of dark electronic music. With no fear in its heart, DIE SELEKTION heads towards a new chapter. And we’re excited for all that comes next.


Patriarchy is a band lead by infamous LA songwriter and director Actually Huizenga, probing the soft underbelly of sex, power, subversion, and death - existing where desire and fear inevitably intertwine.

Never shy about confronting the audience with visceral, somewhat unsettling live performances, Patriarchy marries the NSFW carnage with sounds spanning infectious electronic dance, crushing industrial metal, and suffocating experimental noise.

Patriarchy returns a year after their successful debut European tour to revisit some of their favorite places, especially The Netherlands for Roadburn Fest, and to destroy some new cities along the way, including their first ever UK shows.

Since their last visit, Patriarchy released Forcefully Rearranged, a collection of 16 remixes that have been taking over DJ sets worldwide - featuring remixes by some of industrial & dark waves favorite names: The Soft Moon, Choke Chain, Automelodi, Choke Chain, Mvtant, Odonis Odonis, Rhys Fulber, Spike Hellis and many more.

2024 will be a big year for Patriarchy - in addition to new music coming early in the year, a slot on the much coveted Cruel World fest, and a brand new live set, Actually recently welcomed her first child to the world, a son named Winter Aurelius.

Speaking about the experience, she said “The motto of the last album (The Unself) was ‘I fear the things I want most…’ and childbirth proved to be the ultimate incarnation of those words. I’ve now experienced The Patriarchy’s ideal female accomplishment, and I enjoyed it, plus my breasts have doubled in size - my milk will be available at the merch table, but it won’t be cheap.”


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