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NEIL FRANCES is a Los Angeles-based duo comprising Australian-born Jordan Feller and Southern California native Marc Gilfry. They have been working together since 2016 when they first teamed up to write for other vocalists as a production duo, an initially unsuccessful venture that resulted in a few demos living on a soundcloud account. By 2018 after their Soundcloud demos were discovered by tastemakers such as KCRW and triple j, NEIL FRANCES had – practically by accident – become a force to be reckoned with all on their own.

It’s easy to see why Gilfry and Feller got together in the first place. Feller, an old-school hip-hop head and one-time rave kid, had a gift for sonic recall and beats-based production, while singer/guitarist Gilfry could write melodies and hooks on command. The music that has resulted is genre-spanning and comprised of club-ready grooves with sonic influences ranging from ‘80s/’90s rave culture, ‘70s funk and soul, yacht rock, and classic hip-hop. In a NEIL FRANCES song, you will just as likely hear a sample flip as you will an indie guitar run through a tape machine.

Their debut EP, Took A While, (2018), featuring the hit single "Dumb Love," not only showcased their infectious sound but also garnered critical acclaim from Complex, The Fader, and others, quickly surpassing 100 million streams. Global attention soon followed when their cover of "Music Sounds Better With You," the classic house track by Stardust, went viral, earning Gold Certification in Australia and racking up hundreds of millions of streams worldwide.

In 2022, they released their debut LP, There Is No Neil Frances, a concept album thematically centered on manifestation and self-realization. With their sophomore LP, It’s All A Bit Fuzzy, released in 2023, Feller and Gilfry let their love for a collaborative process guide them even further and joined forces with rising talents such as dreamcastmoe, St. Panther, PawPaw Rod, and DRAMA to create an adventurous, shape-shifting collection. The record was supported by the likes of KCRW, BBC6, Travis Mills, This Song Is Sick, SPIN, Rolling Stone, NME, and more, with GRAMMY.com saying, “its eclectic mix of layered, infectious tunes begs for multiple replays.”

Known not only for their recording prowess but also as dance-floor sociologists, NEIL FRANCES thrives on the live experience. Feller explains, “I was a DJ before I was in a band. I just love the energy of a club room, some of my most formative experiences were in nightclubs listening to Dj’s. So when we perform it’s important to me to feel the audience moving and to feel them responding in some way with their body.”

The project has always been devoted to building the ultimate live set experience. From the beginning, the pair organized a live band for performances, which includes Greg Cham on bass and Rhythm Luna on drums, both of whom are also regular contributors in the recording process. With this configuration, NEIL FRANCES has become known for their captivating stage presence. They have sold-out numerous North American tours, including Brooklyn Steel and The Novo, opened for acts like Jungle, Odesza, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and have evolved into a staple in the festival circuit, having graced the stages of almost every renowned North American festival, including Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, Corona Capital, Portola, Outside Lands, and over fifteen others. In 2024, they are already confirmed for Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Electric Forest.

At the core of NEIL FRANCES’ evolving musical journey is a commitment to collaboration, innovation, and an unforgettable live experience. The duo's ability to bring together diverse influences and engage wide audiences on a profound level marks them as a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving landscape of indie and dance music.

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