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Das erste Mal seit zwei Jahren wieder in Deutschland und nur auf zwei ausgewählten Konzerten in Berlin in und Köln. THE MOST SERENE REPUBLIC die Popwunderkinder aus Ontario Kanada Ihre Labelsmates kennt jeder, FEIST, BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE und STARS. THE MOST SERENE REPUBLIC blieben immer die "Kleinen" bei Arts & Crafts, und klar früher haben sie auch Kevin Drew zum Kiosk geschickt damit er ihnen Bier holt, weil sie wirklich noch zu jung waren, aber inzwischen sind sie alt genug und auch musikalisch kann ihnen selbst Drews Band Broken Social Scene fast nicht mehr das Wassser reichen, wie er auch immer wieder gerne zugibt. Was diese jungen Menschen da schon seit zwei-einhalb Alben musikalisch abfackeln diente unter anderem Bands wie Los Campesionos als Blueprint für ihre ausufernden Spielereien, doch Most Serene Republic sind noch viel wahnwitziger und überbordender, jeder Song ist eine kleine Sinfonie in sich. Wer auf drei Akorde steht wird überfordert sein wer auf ausgefeilte Arrangements und überirdische Songs mag, kriegt nie genug. Für Fans von Broken Social Scene, Los Campesions, Arcade Fire Support: I Might Be Wrong (Berlin Sinnbuss)


Inbetween pop and melancholy, indie electronics and songwriting gems, I Might Be Wrong have finally discovered their debut album. Produced by Tobias Siebert (Klez.E, Delbo, Phillip Boa), it shimmers and glows just like you would have expected after all the years of becoming. Once, it was all done and ready. It became the victim of computers having a fit. It disappeared. And it was gone. But from its beautiful ashes, a new work of art emerges. It's better and younger and braver than before. Could it begin any more tragic, exhausting and better? The history of IMBW is full of changes and it is often charming. They were born as Palmpeaches, as a soft idea, and ever since they have been a living room project, a playground, a matter of heart, a producer's plan - one after the other and sometimes everything at once. Now they have come to life as band. Three years ago, they gave a promise and tested their possibilities by releasing a self- titled debut EP. While its six tracks reflected the insecurity of the band's early days precisely and elegantly, they also took your breath away: This was young pop music, sad and sincere, seemingly waiting to be discovered, but reluctant to pitch itself. But yes: This music spoke for itself, and it has since found new, beautiful and clear words within itself. The voice that forms these words has always been in the center of the band's history and their songs. Lisa von Billerbeck's words and melodies hold shattered optimism and heart-warm sadness. They are careful to approach happiness, and they strike you by avoiding drama. Singing "you could never write a word about my life" becomes a sober statement, and it tears worlds apart. The desperation of Cat Power, the stirring minimalism of Alison Stattion, they meet here, surrounded by pulsating, somewhat fidgety and even sweet pop music. They could not have found a better home. After years of changing and growing, I Might Be Wrong have settled for this one moment. From here on there are five of them, from here on they are beautiful. For the time being, »It Tends To Flow From High To Low« puts and end to the process of becoming. Let's welcome the new and stay curious forever.